Are you INVITED?

MiscFit is a private INVITE ONLY fitness studio located in Atlanta, Georgia. We are a modern state-of-the-art training facility designed to create the ultimate fitness experience. Our sessions take place in groups led by professionals who have experienced training at its highest levels. Our sessions are competitive, fun and supportive and our ultimate goal is to provide clients with the tools they need to see real results and to not only transform their bodies but also transform their lives!


We know we are DIFFERENT and we embrace it. Our strong interdisciplinary team is made up of professionals that bring experience and knowledge to all areas of training, boxing, and yoga.

Strength and conditioning are mixed with functional training to assist our clients in reaching their goals in our training sessions. Our boxing sessions are made up of enthusiastic members and combine the art of boxing with cardio. Our yoga sessions will allow you to flow, practice and recover. Our sessions are different. We guarantee our clients will receive the ultimate MiscFit experience.


MiscFit is not a gym but rather a place of COMMUNITY. Our community is made up of students, 9-to-5ers, business owners, athletes, celebrities, and everything in between. We train together, play together, laugh and support one another. We work together to create a lifelong commitment to the health and wellness of our bodies.

Each session will be designed to meet your fitness needs. You will receive focused instruction to ensure each of you meet your maximum potential. With cardio and weight training equipment, our customized turf, functional equipment, boxing sessions and yoga classes you will have fun, be pushed to your limit and become apart of the ultimate fitness community.

Still think you need one on one?

Our trainers and instructors go through a rigorous training regimen to be able to manage multiple clients from all different levels at a time. We focus on creating community, increasing confidence, strength and each session feels like your very own. Safety and make each session accessible is our number one priority!


To get the most out of your session, make sure to prepare! Eat a healthy meal, stay hydrated and come with a positive attitude! Each session will have you working hard but also smiling. Wear comfortable clothing and get ready to work!

Arrive EARLY

In order to respect your fellow MiscFit’s we ask you to arrive on time. Here at MiscFit we value timeliness and punctuality. We suggest arriving 10 minutes before your session. This will give you ample time to settle in and get ready for your warm-up and session. If you are more than 10 minutes late you will not be allowed to join your session.

We've Got You COVERED

When you arrive we have complimentary towels on site for you to grab if needed! Water is available at our water fountain so please feel free to bring your bottle to stay hydrated. MiscFit is home so please enjoy the amenities offered. Forgot something? Let us know! We’ve got you covered!

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